The most precise of its class non-contact laser scan micrometer system for round products diameter measurement

Measuring range:

  • 0,005 – 120 mm
  • The bigger diameters measurable with two gauges

- from 0,4 µm


  • Round shape diameter measurement – rods, wires, optical fibers
  • Ovality measurement
  • Surface defect location probing (concave, bossed)
  • Continuous round product diameter measurement

Round product diameter measuring system enables to monitor required parameters during production thereby respond to appeared undesirable deviations or discrepancies.

Suitable for:

  • Stationary measurement of round products samples (diameter, ovality and surface defects location)
  • Continuous measurement of diameter at production line (diameter, deviations form tolerances and their location)

System preferences:

  • Ultra-high-speed measurement of 1600 scans/second
  • DIN-size compact panel-mounted display unit
  • Robust workmanship
  • Rotation speed control
  • Upper and bottom tolerance threshold adjustment
  • Sample complex measurement

System´s composition:

Measuring Unit LSMH Series – for laser beam transmission and reception, amid round product passes
Evaluation Unit LSM 6100 – for measured values evaluation and display. With an accuracy of 0,4 µm. The evaluation unit is connected to the computer via RS232 interface.
Computer PC Pentium, LCD – for measured values display and storage in both tables and graphically. Provides statistical calculations and overviews, measurement results transfer to the host for further processing and analyzes.

The system is equipped due to the required measurement with:


Rotation Unit: Speed sensor:
- for diameter, ovality and surface defects measurement
- for round products samples rotation on their own axis
- for round product pass-speed measurement
- measures round product pass-speed through the gauge. Enables to calculate the localization of a tolerance deviation from required diameter

Measuring principle: laser beam shadow method

Interface: RS232 (from gauge, rotation unit and evaluation unit)

Output: LCD, printer, Ethernet

System´s advantages:

  • Quality final-inspection
  • Feedback for production line
  • Some defects not detectable with micrometer
  • Easy to install and use
  • Short-term return

Software functions for continuous round products diameter measurement and non-contact round product samples diameter measurement

  • Current round product measurement display print
  • Single user login
  • All measurements overview per shift
  • All measurements values summary display with a color indication of tolerances
  • Upper and bottom threshold adjustment
  • Color display of upper or bottom tolerance overrun
  • Option for round product measurement by the category, melt size or per order
  • Graphical display according to the round product length or time
  • Automatic round product speed calculation by sensor or by manual round product speed or length input
  • Measured material input possible through the host, start of the measurement from the measuring point
  • Entire round product maximal, minimal and average value display
  • Display of the total amount of defects for each round product in %
  • Possibility of an enlarged graph preview display
  • Statistics filter according to the category, sizes, melt and order (adjustable upon customer´s demand)
  • Production trends tracking e.g. scarp
  • Measured sample´s data: melt, order, rank, surface visual check, category, size, tolerance, eventual notes
  • Measured values storage by clicking proper button
  • Archive data editing due to assigned user rights (measured and calculated values unchangeable)
  • Measured samples overview per shift possible

The laser scan measurement functions on a principle of the three-layer architecture – database, client, server.

Technical parameters specification:

LMP-2 LMP-10 LMP-30 LMP-60 LMP-120
Measuring range mm 0,005~2 0,05~10 0,03~30 1~60 1~120
Repeatability µm ±0,04 ±0,05 ±0,15 ±0,5 ±1,2
Accuracy µm ±0,4 ±0,5 ±1,5 ±4,0 ±8,0