OZPV Ltd., Kushva, Russian Federation

The Russian company is on the market for more than 270 years. Product portfolio consists of cast rolls for hot rolling, roller sets for small, medium and large mills, rollers for making pipes, rollers for the food industry and others.

Their own quality certificates ISO 9000:2000, ISO EN 9001:2000


UralmashSpecialSteel, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Russian engineering corporation was formed in 2007 by combining several engineering firms (including Uralmash and Ormeto YUMZ). It is a key supplier of forged rolls with a wide range of production, for all heavy industry (coal mining, metallurgical, oil, etc.).

We are the exclusive representatives for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.



Dörrenberg Edelstahl GmbH, Engelskirchen, Germany

German company producing straightening rollers and discs with high quality and special steels.

 WALZEN IRLE GmbH, Germany 

Rolls for the steel industry:

  • working rolls

  • backup rolls

  • backup rolls

  • profile-steel rolls

Area of ​​application:

  • heavy-plate steel mills

  • tube rolling mills

  • small and middle strip mills

  • válcovny hrubých, středních a jemných profilů

  • bar rolling mills and other

Rolls for manufacturing in:

  • Paper industry

  • Plastic industry

  • Rubber industry