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New product line - Sightline

Sightline Process ControlSightline has distributed standardized 3D / color vision systems that are easy to install and integrate quickly into the factory. All of these systems come with Sightline's product analysis software and can process hundreds of unique products that must be customized for each product setting to suit your analytical criteria.
Standard products can be divided into three main types:
Stationary systems
Desktop systems are compact plug-and-play control systems that generate more than 100 different measurements for each object located on the integrated conveyor belt. Desktop computers can fully automate QA procedures and manual measurements and can be performed directly on the plant floor or in the laboratory.
Over-line systems
Over-Line systems use a standard compact sensor head mounted directly on the customer's existing production line. This sensor head scans all objects that pass under the system, generating functional proud critical QA data and production metrics.
In-line systems
In-Line systems are turnkey units that are designed to control 100% new production and come with an integrated variable speed conveyor and automatic shut-off devices. They have the ability to automatically remove individual defective objects from the production line and can also scan and measure the bottom surface of each object.

13. 10. 2020 New product line - Sightline
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