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The radiometric belt scales from Berthold are used to measure flow rates and throughput on all kinds of conveying systems. The major advantage of our radiometric weighing systems is that the measurement performance is very stable over years of operation with repeatability of ±1%. Thus frequent recalibrations are not required. Due to the non-contacting nature and the lack of moving parts, encrustations, dirt, wind or changing belt tension don’t affect the bulk flow measurement. The Berthold weighing systems can be easily retrofitted on existing conveyors without modification or process downtime. Measurement is carried out onbulk flow lb 442 photo 01

  • Belt conveyors
  • Screw conveyors
  • Drag chain conveyors
  • Vibrating conveyors

Besides current flow rate the systems also provide total solids mass (tonnage) and batch measurements. Applications of Berthold belt scales are found in all different bulk handling industries from mining to the building materials industry, from chemical plants and power plants to the pulp & paper industry. Customers benefit from improved control in mixing processes, compliance to delivery contracts and optimal utilization of loading capacities. Worldwide there are more than 2000 systems successfully in operation.



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