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density transmitter duoseries lb 474 aweOur density measuring systems work absolutely non-contacting and non-intrusive. The density measurement can be carried out on all liquids and bulk materials, including highly acidic, alkali or saline solutions and suspensions. Clamped on the outer wall of the pipeline, chute or vessel the system components do not come into contact with the measured material and are therefore not exposed to wear and tear. You will get process insight from the outside. All our densitometers provide a maintenance-free operation and can be easily installed on existing pipelines without process down time. The density systems are adaptable to all pipelines from 25 to 1000mm. 

Measuring Principle 

Based on the radiometric principle, our density gauges can be operated in the most demanding and hostile of process conditions. 

The radiometric measurement of density is based on the Gamma transmission principle. The radiation, emitted from a shielded source is directed through the pipeline towards a scintillation detector at the opposite side. When irradiating the pipeline, the radiation is attenuated. The extent to which it is attenuated is directly proportional to the density of the measured material, since type of radiation and measuring geometry are constant. Moreover the measurement performance is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, color or chemical properties of the measured material.



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