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Metal plate embosser MATICA C410

Reliable solutions for a variety of metal plate embossing needs.

C410Matica offers the most reliable metal embossing solutions for the most diverse industrial applications around the world. For spare part markers to raw material tags, appliance serial number plates to automobile VIN plates, dog tags to medical alert IDs, we have solutions to handle them all.

Main features: 

  • Compact desktop design easily fits anywhere.
  • Cost effective with low maintenance.
  • Fast and reliable continuous feed operation.
  • Robust mechanics and durable metal casing.
  • Two removable hoppers: one for dog tags and one for medical red alert tags.
  • Versatile for numerous metal plate applications.




Contact person

Ing. Krzysztof Gruszkakraina
technician, salesman
+420 605 217 843
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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