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Measuring systems for measuring the dimensions and cross-sections of rolled products. 

PROGAUGE measurement systems provide product parameters on-line for monitoring and controlling your rolling or production process. 

The core technology for all areas of applications is the contactless measurement of cross-sections by two-dimensional triangulation. With this technology, we are able to realize metrology solutions for a wide variety of production lines in the metal processing industry. Our measurement systems are individually customized to the product portfolio for each customer and their infrastructural conditions, such as the plant layout of the rolling mills. References for our realization expertise are found in a wide variety of rolling lines, from wire production to heavy steel beam rolling lines.tbk

  • Non contact laser measurement systems for measuring dimensions and cross sections of rolled products. 
  • Measuring principle – scanning of the laser line projected onto the surface of the measured materiál.
  • Hot and cold measurements.
  • High speed and measurement accuracy – up to 5000 scans per second
  • Universal device for measuring a wide portfolio of products of various size
  • Detection of surface defects



  • Rails
  • Wires
  • Bars
  • Light and medium rolled products
  • Heavy rolled products



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