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Process Sensors manufactures near infrared (NIR) moisture, oil & coat weight sensors that provide dependable and precise product analysis for industries worldwide. 

Sensors from Process Sensors are designed for moisture measuremen, coating thickness, grease, and other in near infrared area. The equipment is intended for the tobacco industry, 

Our NIR products are grouped into three categories: on-line fixed sensors, on-line scanning frame systems and lab and at-line analyzers.

MCT460 1 MCT460

On-line fixed sensors 

On-line NIR Smart Sensors from Process Sensors provide operators immediate feedback on real-time processing parameters. Moisture, oil and coatings are commonly measured constituents in many industries including food, paper converting, wood, tobacco, bulk powders and mining & aggregate. In many industries, optimizing production efficiency and minimizing waste is the difference between profitability and operating at a loss. 

  • MCT460 
  • MCT466-SF
  • MCT460-T
  • MCT460-WP


On-line scanning frame systems

On-line scanning systems from Process Sensors accurately measure moisture, coatings, and film thickness, creating a complete zoned web profile for process monitoring and control.

  • Guardian Web Profiling System


Lab and at-line analyzers

Lab and At-line sensors from Process Sensors are easy to start up, simple to use and provide accurate realible measurements where you need it. 

  • QuikCheck At-Line a Lab Analyzer




Measurement systems from Berthold Technologies are designed to measure moisture in bulk materials such as sand, coal, coke, iron ore, phosphate, plaster, wood chips and pellets. Measuring systems can be placed on containers, pipelines on conveyor belts. 


Radiometric moisture measurement LB 350sondy

The moisture measurement system LB 350 is primarily used for applications, which can’t be solved with conventional sensor technologies due to conductivity or particular chemical properties of the material to be measured. 

Benefit from the large measuring volume of 1m diameter, leading to absolutely representative measurement results. The measurement is carried out either from the outside, through the bunker walls or by using a robust dip pipe which is installed inside the bunker. The measuring instrument itself is therefore not subjected to wear and tear. The LB 350 has proven to work highly precise and reliable in numerous difficult applications like the moisture measurement of coke, sinter, sand, gravel or lime-sand brick.  

The neutron technology for moisture measurement is extremely reliable. It is not affected by temperature, pressure, conductivity or varying particle sizes and even frozen water can be measured reliably.



Microwave Moisture Measurement 

graphic Micro Polar 01Without contact to the measured material, the sensors are not subject to wear and tear and even maintenance is not required at any time. Typical fields of applications are to be found in the mining industry and power plants, in the chemical, pulp & paper and building materials industries.

Measuring Principle


The representative microwave transmission technology, penetrating the whole material cross-section, allows for the high accuracy and reliability of the system.



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