Non-destructive Defectoscopy


Specialized complex systems for non-destructive testing, material reliability checking, straightness and dimension measurement.

These highly specialized NDT technologies are supplied to these light and heavy industries:
  • Metalurgy
  • Engineering industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Transportation
  • And more...

We provide complete design, production and installation of defectoscope portable meters to complete large-scale systems.

  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Defectoscopy of rolled materials
  • Defects of welded and seamless pipes
  • Tube wall thickness measurement
  • Defectoscopy of engineering equipment
  • Measurement of straightness and dimension of rolled materials

Contact person

Ing. Radim Roszka
Head of Technical Department
Telefon: +420 733 661 634